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CPM Industries is continuously adding equipment and updating its processes to stay current with the latest CAD/CAM technology, machining, and 3-D surfacing techniques. We apply a combination of traditional methods and advanced computer technology throughout our pattern making, casting, and machining processes to assure the highest quality prototypes. Our current Equipment List includes…

Cad Modeling Technology
Cad/Cam Software:

CPM Industries uses the industries leading CAD/CAM software to help drastically reduce lead times on tooling and secondary machining.  We can accept most of today's file formats, however, we prefer .x_t (parasolid) or .stp (step solid) formats.

CPM Industries has built a "state of the art" Tooling and Machine Shop with the latest High Speed Machining Centers.  These HSMC’s can provide up to 1000 in/min cutting speeds to reduce processing time, ultimately  saving our customers time and money.  Our 4th Axis capabilities allow for multiple machine setups to be done in just one machine which greatly reduces fixture costs.  These CNC Machines can achieve close tolerance, precision machining in order to meet or exceed the desired tolerances. Each machine is fitted with RENISHAW probing systems for even greater precision.  

Model Based Inspection

Engineers create their designs by creating a model, we manufacture the tooling and perform the CNC machining based from their model; so why not do our inspection from their model as well?  At CPM Industries, we use the latest in Model Based Inspection technology. Using our coordinate measuring machine (CMM), we can quickly do 1st article inspections or continuous inspections with tremendous accuracy.  CPM will even send you visual inspection reports.  

CNC Machines:
Inspection Equipment:

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